Wyatt Arneson is a skilled attorney experienced in navigating the complex court system including the nuances of court trials, litigation and negotiations. In times of crisis, you need an experienced lawyer who can quickly determine what are your best options, formulate a plan of action and work to get you the best solutions possible. Wyatt offers that experience and guidance. Whether you were accused of a crime, pulled over for drunk driving or are working hard to expunge remnants of past mistakes, there are times when it feels like your life is falling apart and your reputation or even your freedom are in danger, Wyatt will be here for you! Wyatt has had hundreds of court hearings and dozens of trials ranging from misdemeanor crimes to felony offenses.




Criminal Defense

• Appeals and post-conviction relief • Firearms and weapons possession violations • Controlled substances/drugs • Criminal sexual conduct charges • DWI/drunk driving • Expungement • Federal offenses • Juvenile crime charges • Probation violations • Protection orders • Theft offenses • Violent offenses • White collar offenses


Construction Law

• Commercial • Residential • Defective Design • Defective Construction • Defective Materials • Contracts • Liens • Litigation