Wyatt can represent clients for any type of criminal charge in both, State and Federal court, from minor infractions such as traffic tickets to way more serious cases, including murder charges. Although the following are the primary cases Wyatt represents, feel free to contact the Arneson Law office for any other need.

Wyatt Arneson is ready to work on your case. Working with transparency and efficiency, Wyatt is not afraid of hard work. With many years of experience, you can expect his commitment and dedication in each case.

  • Experience: Former prosecutor with over 5 years as a prosecutor and over 5 years as a defense attorney for the State of Minnesota.
  • Forthright: Working with transparency on every step of the process. Upfront flat fee whether the case goes to trial or not.
  • Commitment: Wyatt is dedicated to every case, working hard to avoid meaningless hearings and waste of time, resources, and money.
  • Flexibility: Emergency phone number available 24/7 to support clients whenever they need, anytime, anywhere.
  • Preparation: Wyatt listens, prepares a plan of action and execution to get the best possible solution for your case.
  • Strong-willed: Wyatt is not afraid to take criminal defense cases to trial in order to get the best possible outcomes.
  • Results: Wyatt believes that the criminal justice service will serve you best if you go to trial. However, he is willing to work in plea negotiations if you wish.
  • Successful: Wyatt has worked on hundreds of court hearings and dozens of trials, with countless successful outcomes.