Drug crimes in the State of Minnesota range from possession, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, trafficking, and sales of illegal substances, illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin, or prescription drugs not directly prescribed for personal use.

The State of Minnesota takes drug crimes very seriously, and it has strict laws to stop any activity related to drugs and violence. Any individual related to the drug trade will be facing charges and prosecuted by the State.

The severity of the offense will determine the penalty, ranging from a fine of a small amount to many years in prison and millions of dollars in fines. All vary according to the weight and amount of drugs related to the case.

The State of Minnesota classifies drug crimes from 1st to 5th degree, according to the amount and value of the offense. Depending on the offense, you could be prosecuted in the State or Federal court. All vary if the crime was conducted to and from out of the State.

Being charged with Drug crimes can change your life forever. The repercussions can last long, even after jail time is served. It is crucial to hire an experienced attorney to review your case and have an efficient legal representation that could minimize the penalty.

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At Arneson Law Office, we are experienced in legally representing all types of charges related to drug crimes, from simple possession all the way up to drug trafficking, cultivation, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

  • Drug paraphernalia: such as bongs, different types of pipes, rolling papers, syringes, and more.
  • Drug possession: possession of any drug or illicit controlled substance.
  • Drug manufacturing: involved in any of the steps and the production of any illegal substance or drug.
  • Drug trafficking: involved in sales, distribution, and delivery of any illegal controlled substance or drug.
  • Drug dealing: involved in sales of illegal controlled substances or drugs on a small scale.

What to do?

Call your attorney: If you are under arrest or were already charged with any related Drug crimes, call your attorney right now. You need legal representation in order to have all your defense rights and try to minimize the penalties.

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