Driving while under the influence of a substance is considered a major criminal offense in Minnesota.  Convictions for these charges can cause immediate and long-term effects on your daily life.

Suppose you have been pulled over during a routine traffic stop or caused an accident and the police officer suspects you of DWI/DUI. In that case, you will have to go through a process, from arrest to lose your license, and an extended case will run until you are able to get your license back. In the State of Minnesota, a DWI/DUI arrest will lead to two different legal proceedings, one criminal case and one administrative case with the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles.

If you end up being arrested and criminally charged, you will need a strong defense case to represent you in court.

We Defend

There are many types of DWI/DUI offenses, and we defend all of them in court.

  • Alcohol: .08 or greater BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration).
  • Alcohol: any amount of alcohol concentration posing a risk while driving.
  • Intoxicating Compounds: driving under the influence of any intoxicating compound or a combination of intoxicating compounds.
  • Legally Prescribed Medications.
  • Combination of Alcohol and Drugs.
  • Cannabis and/or Controlled Substances.

What to do?

In case you are caught DWI/DUI, try to remain calm, be respectful and avoid confrontation with the police officer. The long-lasting consequences of being charged and arrested are challenging and very difficult to overcome when the proper steps are not followed.

Call an attorney: It is your right to have legal representation in case you are under arrest. Ask the police officer and call your attorney.

Your defense

It is important to understand the Minnesota laws and the repercussions of all legal procedures and the courtroom. Wyatt Arneson can assist and represent you all the way, from the license revocation hearing until you can get your license back after the DWI/DUI.

We are experienced in representing clients from 1st to 4th degree DWI/DUI in criminal and administrative cases. Having legal assistance will help you to understand, have a plan and minimize the consequences.

Need help with your DWI/DUI case? Contact Arneson Law Office today or call our office at (612)-746-1188 to book a consultation. In case of emergency, call our 24-hour line for help at (612)-405-8010.